Business Benefits

  • Evidence of staff competency to external stakeholders

  • Relevant in a wide variety of care setting

  • Reduces the risk of malpractice and negligence

  • Improves your team’s understanding of forms and causes of diabetes

  • Reinforces the importance of careful managing and monitoring


Learner Benefits

  • Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification

  • Furthers personal and professional development

  • No need to formally attend a college

  • Receive a set of high-quality learner support materials

  • Receive support from a dedicated team


Course Content

  • Develop an understanding of diabetes diagnosis and initial care

  • Understand the importance of ongoing care

  • Learn the correct treatment of diabetes to control blood sugar levels


What you will learn

  • Understand Diabetes

  • Prevention and Early Intervention of Type 2 Diabetes

  • Understand the Initial Care of Diabetes

  • Understand the Treatment and Management of Diabetes

Downloadable Content