Business Benefits

  • Relevant to a wide variety of people and care settings

  • Reduces risk of malpractice and negligence

  • Improves your team’s understanding of risk assessments

  • Provides assurances your employees are well-trained

  • Evidence competency of staff to external stakeholders


Learner Benefits

  • Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification

  • Further personal and professional development

  • No need to formally attend college

  • Learn in your own time

  • Access to sector expert assessors throughout the course


Course Content

  • Understand the purpose and principles of infection control and the procedures

  • Understand how regulations inform policy and practice

  • Understand roles, responsibilities principles and processes in relation to cleaning, decontamination and waste management

  • Understand the role of risk assessments

  • Learn the importance of maintaining a clean environment

  • Learn the sterilisation process

  • Learn how to safely handle laundry

  • Learn how to safely handle sharps


What you will learn

  • Principles of the Causes and Spread of Infection in Health Care Settings

  • Principles of the Importance of Personal Hygiene and Health in the Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings

  • Principles of Decontamination, Cleaning and Waste Management in Health Care Settings

  • Principles of Infection Prevention and Control in a Health Care Setting

Downloadable Content